Reliability based framework for failure analysis in milk process industry




Dairy industry, fuzzy, JBLT, availability, failure analysis, maintenance schedule


The suggested hybridized framework offers a paradigm for performance optimization-reliability-based analysis of milk processing unit’s (MPU) failure behavior in the dairy industry. The proposed hybridized framework led to the development of fuzzy Jaya Based Lambda-Tau (JBLT) technique-based mathematical model for computing various performance parameters of the under-consideration unit. The availability of the system drops by 0.044% as the level of uncertainty or spread level increases from ± 15% to ± 25% and drops to 0.088% as the level of uncertainty increases from ± 25% to ± 60%. To corroborate the system’s availability downward trend, the results of JBLT approach were compared with Particle Swarm Optimization-Based Lambda-Tau (PSOBLT) and conventional Fuzzy Lambda-Tau (FLT) techniques. The analysis findings were given to the maintenance manager so they could create the best maintenance schedule for the considered plant.


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