A new framework for green selection of material handling equipment under fuzzy environment


  • Bipradas Bairagi Department of Mechanical Engineering, Haldia Institute of Technology, India




MCDM, green material handling equipment selection, decision making, fuzzy sets.


In the rapidly changing global circumstances, managements of industrial organizations are making decisions for their survival in business atmosphere in future. Decision makers in industries are steering their respective organizations towards for appropriate decision making satisfying the condition of ‘Go green’. Appropriate decision making in fuzzy environment is always a hard task. The current investigation explores a new multi criteria decision making approach for green selection of material handling equipment under fuzzy environment. The proposed technique has the capability of capturing effects of economical, environmental and social factors of benefit, non-benefit and target based criteria under uncertainty and vague information. The proposed method is illustrated with a suitable example on material handling equipment selection under fuzzy environment. The result clearly shows that the proposed technique is useful and effective in the decision making process regarding green material handling selection under fuzzy environment.


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