Logistics Distribution Route Optimization in Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things Environment





Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, Logistics distribution route optimization, Cost-benefit analysis


With the increasing challenges facing the logistics industry, especially in meeting the growing demand for distribution efficiency and accuracy, the use of modern technology to optimize logistics distribution routes has become a key issue. This study explores the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in the optimization of logistics distribution routes. The research first focused on collecting and processing logistics-related data, including historical delivery records, real-time traffic data, and cargo tracking information. Then, by building optimization models based on AI and IoT technologies, the study explores the potential of these technologies to improve logistics distribution efficiency and reduce costs. In addition, through cost-benefit analysis and discussion of challenge-coping strategies, this study not only verified the effectiveness of the proposed scheme in theory but also demonstrated its feasibility in practical application. Finally, the study presents implications for industry practice and recommendations for future research, emphasizing the importance of continuous technology evaluation and adaptation to market changes.


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